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Natural Hair How to | Flexi Rod Set on natural hair in 90mins

Natural Hair How to | Flexi Rod Set on natural hair in 90mins

Welcome to our new style series “Vids with Viewers”. The is a platform that we will be using to showcase: 1. the versatility on afro (Relaxed, Transitioning, Natural etc) hair  2. Different beauty looks for different skin hues as well as different products for different skin types ( Dry, Oily, Normal/combination) 3. Fashion with YOUR body shape and style in mind. We are celebrating the diversity of the modern day woman and want YOU to be a part of it.

For our very first feature on this segment we wanted to start with a favourite curl  creating style. The flex rod set is a super easy set style to recreate, but can take long  to dry and install the rods. We are working on natural hair that is of medium density, loosely curled, un-uniformed in some areas. If you are familiar with terms used in the “Natural hair Community” our model would be said to have hair somewhere between 3b & 3c.

Simone before and after

This set style will allow us to create more uniformed spiral curls on our models hair. The final set can be worn tamed by not separating the curls in to too many sections, or much bigger with more volume by separating curls multiple times and fluffing the roots with an wide tooth comb. This stye is ideal for transitioners.

After Flexi - Rod KBB

After Flexi-Rod KBB side

Have you ever tried a flexi rod set and what were your results?

  • I have tried a flexirod set twice before and absolutely hated the no sleep part of it! Apart from that I liked the results. I hope to get better at it with better results because that hair in the video and pictures…wow! :D

    • Thanks for stopping by :-) trust us try it on dry hair/lightly damp hair, it cuts the drying time right down!

      • The first time I tried on damp/wet hair…yeah it was still damp the next day. (This was when I was newly natural and had no idea that touching my hair while damp would be a bad idea, I was clueless lol). The last time I did work on dry hair but was worried it wouldn’t be fully dry after the moisturized and flaxseed gel I applied. The third time’s the charm right? :D

  • I tried the flexi rod set on my locs and it came out besutifully. YEA unable to post pic but if notified I eill provide one. Thank you