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4 Reasons Your Edges are thinning or breaking

4 Reasons Your Edges are thinning or breaking

Scarves/ Hats

Satin scarves are often used as part of the night time routine to maintain styles and protect the hair. Many of these scarves have elastic bands around the rim that create friction at the hairline. This friction will contributes to your disappearing edges. A similar situation can be seen with hats. Hats, despite being stylish also can create friction at the hairline which can also result in damage and thinning edges. It may be best to seek out scarves that do not carry the elastic band and cover your hair before wearing the hats to avoid friction. (Scarf pictured

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Excessive Brushing

Let’s be honest, some naturals become a bit obsessed with taming their edges. Sleek, nicely laid flat edges are desired for most styles. This results in many utilising the brush in an attempt to tame their hairline to fit this desired look. However this type of manipulation causes stress on already delicate hairlines which is of even more concern for those who have a finer hair type.

Not enough Moisture

Whilst it may be true you are moisturising your strands every day, be honest, do you take the time to focus on the roots of your hair? Most of the time we become so fixated on keeping the ends of our hair healthy that we forget to maintain the foundation from which they are growing, the roots. Lack of moisture in the hairline region will ultimately result in the loss of hair from this region due to dryness and weakness. Take care and pay special attention to make sure your edges receive moisture so as to avoid any hair loss from this area.

  • Khrystin Ne’Cole

    My edges were great until I started doing the pineapple method and sectioning into 4 parts. I have been debating on getting dread locks..