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How to achieve the ideal protein and moisture balance for longer healthy natural hair growth

How to achieve the ideal protein and moisture balance for longer healthy natural hair growth

Healthy hair starts from within with environmental factors playing a huge part in length retention. If you are looking for extensive advice on retain more length during your natural hair journey, you can view this article HERE The protein in our hair is made up of tiny chains of amino acid that run from the root to the tip of the hair strand. Over exposure of sun, chemical damage, lack of care and mechanical stress can break these chains. The break in chains causing the hair to become dry, brittle, stiff, and ultimately cause breakage. This type of breakage on the hair can also be caused by a lack of moisture.

I’ve detailed  below a very simple 3 step hair strand test you can do at home to indicate if your natural hair is lacking protein or moisture.

protein and moisture balance eggs

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1. Gently pull out one strand of hair from the root. You should see a tiny white bulb at the end.

2. Wet the hair with water

3. Hold the strand of hair between two fingers and stretch it out

If there is only a small amount of stretch before the her snaps, then the hair needs more moisture. If your natural hair strand stretches then returns to normal all the hairs ph balance and moisture level are normal. If your natural hair strand over stretches and is almost over elastic you need more protein. You can also tell if the hair lacks protein or moisture by the look and the feel. Hair that lacks moisture can be brittle, hard, excessively dry, and tangle easily. Her that lacks protein can look very frizzy, feel mushy to the touch and lack structure in it’s natural state.

It can definitely be hard to differentiate weather you need to add moisture or protein, but hope that this may start you on the right track. If you cannot find the cause of your natural hair dilemmas, then it is best to consult a professional. They will be able to properly assess the hair and give you tips on how to better maintain your natural hair.

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