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4 ways to maintain healthy natural hair whilst Working Out 

4 ways to maintain healthy natural hair whilst Working Out 

It is a known fact to many that one of the main reasons black women avoid exercise is the fear of ruining the do. Who recalls hearing or evening saying “I ain’t sweating out my weave”, “I just got a relaxer “, “I don’t wan’t my roots to puff up” etc. The perks of being a natural girl, you no longer have to EVER worry about these problems!

With that being said, you may be faced with some new challenges. Those pretty braid outs and twist outs are not going to stay defined after you hit 2k on the treadmill #firstwordproblems. The sweat you secrete will probably dry out your hair even more than it already is. Dont worry though, we have your back. Here are a few tips to maintain healthy hair whilst pursuing a physically healthier lifestyle.

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Minimise Shampoo Usage

Continuous and regular physical activity will result in build-up in your hair. Of major concern to naturals is that of sweat which can act as a drying agent. This dryness can lead to breaking and negatively impact length retention as well as giving your hair an overall brittle feeling. You may be inclined to reach for your favourite shampoo to cleanse your hair but you should consider seeking out alternatives. Traditional shampoos that contain sulphates may cause more harm than good. Instead, co wash your hair or utilise sulphate-free shampoos, washing twice a week. This will result in cleaner hair without the negative effects associated with regular shampoos.