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Nape growth update…

Nape growth update…
For those of you that are subscribed to me on Youtube you know I have been having problems with the growth of my nape.  Here is a video of what it looked like back in 2010/2011.
Even though the hair is not as long as the rest of my hair, my nape is really filling in thickness wise. I don’t think this area is ever going to be supa dupa thick like the front and sides of my hair.
The hair towards the back, just above my nape, is a lot loser in texture than the rest of my hair. In contrast, I think possibly the hair at my nape, on the sides, might be the kinkiest, similar to the hair at my temples. The difference in texture may be adding to the breakage, as the kinkiest parts of my hair seem to be the most fragile. I must admit I haven’t really had time to baby this area like I should, but I am from today going to religiously lightly massage the area once a day and moisturise and seal in the area.I really do think that sleeping with a scarf is also affecting the area, specifically the satin scarfs from the hair shop, as when I wear it the area breaks again.
The growth of my nape seems to be coming a never ending battle. It grows and breaks, grows and breaks. The only time I have seen a significant improvement is when I sleep just on a satin pillow case with out a scarf on.
The break seems to be happening at the point where a scarf would stop at the back of my hair. In some pictures you can see a clear and distinct line where the breakage is started  I’ll keep you all posted and will no another update at the end of the year

Do you suffer from any breakage? if yes, where and how are you dealing with it…


  • DJ

    I have breakage very badly, this year I may need to start a wig buying spree. Things that I have done in the past plus blood pressure meds. If the scarf is not helping stop using it. Do not tie it in the same spot. I do agree that the massage is very important. I am trying the Morroccan Method sot see if it helps. No, I did not even consider which oil absorbs better. Take Care, D

  • Trina

    Hello< I love your page. I recently lost my hairline because of hair creme. Do you have any suggestions as to how to grow it back… thank you