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RANT: Natural Hair Week UK thieved my Afro Swank Festival idea another example of how un-unified the UK natural hair community is

RANT: Natural Hair Week UK thieved my Afro Swank Festival idea another example of how un-unified the UK natural hair community is

So the masses are informed, this is going to be a BIG fat old rant! I have never actually posted a rant on here, so this is a new experience for us all. For those WomanInTheJungle readers not aware, this site is run solely by me, Wunmi Akinlagun. I’m a UK based blogger and was once upon a time simple my personal blog. This was meant to be my outlet, a place I could spew my thoughts. As this platform has grown I have found my ‘voice’ shrinking into the background as to not offend people and remain ‘professional’. Thinking about it now, people follow a wide range of sites dealing with the same topics to experience different perspectives.  

UK Natural hair Festival London - Afroswank Fest London

Although I do have very limited help (I mean very limited), this site and all other WomanInTheJungle projects currently are all executed by me. I double up as, content creator, social media manager, event planner, graphic designer, creative director, pr, website coder, promotional team and everything else. I am not going to say Jack of all master of none, because I think I am way too modest about what I have achieved, successfully, over the last 3 years. It’s such a shame that the natural hair community is continuously embroiled in some sort of drama. There is always some blogger, normally the same person, causing a ruckus with others. You say hello to someone at a press and blogger event or chat briefly to them on social media and they feel they now know you are and all your business.  It’s an even bigger shame most industries centred around predominantly black people, cannot work together to reclaim back our industries.

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  • Wunmi Akinlagun

    I had to get that off my chest!

  • Tumi Odede

    Sad! Sad! Sadddddd!!!! Well you are obviously a leader and they are the followers!!!!! I will definitely attend your event and support you honey!!!!

    Don’t stop being you!!! You have too much to offer to stop holding events.


    • Yep, more than sad! I am thankful that my audience are supportive. Thanks for being a part of the platforms Tumi

  • xio ..

    I really love you <3 thank you for all the work. Wish i could attend but i live abroad.
    But this is reallyyyyy happening not only in the UK. 19 November is women entrepeneurs day and this is our focus for the event. Why not work together?!?!. We can accomplesh so many things. Sending you much love

    • Thank you… People will be people, it’s business as usual. There will forever be sheep in the world, I doubt they will do anything particularly amazing, they never have before. Not sure how a name change will change that. I will continue serving UK naturals through my platforms and hope to be rewarded through support.

  • Laddidi

    Keep doing what you are doing.Don’t let the copycats discourage you at doing what you know how to do best.God will reward you at the end.I wonder why they don’t talk of collaborating with you

  • Paulette Sifford

    when will they be available?