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Revlon CEO 'believes he can smell black people when they walk into a room,

Revlon CEO 'believes he can smell black people when they walk into a room,

Ex Revlon employee, scientists Alan Meyers files law suit against Revlon for alleged unfair dismissal. Meyers, who had worked for Revlon since 2010 allegedly claims after making known several concerns regarding health & safety was told to ‘keep quite’ by then CEO Lorenzo Delpani. Meyers claimed to be ultimately terminated for not sweeping these concerns under the carpet. In the suit Meyers also alleges that Delpani made several inappropriate remarks. Meyers claims Delpani said ” all ‘Jews stick together,’ he ‘could smell a black person when he entered the room,’ and Americans are ‘small-minded’ and ‘dirty’


I posted the picture above, with the headline to Instagram (@womaninthejungle). A caption I wrote went a little something like what is on the next page. I have obviously had some time to collate my thoughts in a more uniform fashion so have added to the bits that I wanted to expand on.

  • Hi Wunmi,

    This is a brilliant piece, completely agree with you that everyone needs to wake up and start understanding that where we spend the Black coin is extremely important. We will never have any true economic or political power in this world if we don’t start to take control of where we spend our money, how we spend our money and ensuring that we build businesses that benefit and build our community.


  • Ava Monroe

    I smell a smelly pig when I look at his picture also I hear what sounds like a piggy bank being broken cause Revlon needs money cause I will never ever buy their products as long s old Mr. Piggy is CEO at Revlon if this is true, cause I know how you guys lie to create mess