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Revlon CEO 'believes he can smell black people when they walk into a room,

Revlon CEO 'believes he can smell black people when they walk into a room,

Firstly, doesn’t Revlon own Creme of Nature or are they just in the same group? If someone could clarify this for me that would be great. I Just wanted to mention… I still find it really funny (in fact quite sad) that a lot of black people are not aware that the majority of their much loved, big named black hair care brands are owned by huge white owned/run corporations. Ever been annoyed at the lack of proper representation in your black beauty brands? We that is why…


We need to start taking control of our black coins… One thing that (allegedly) PIG is right about is that every other race will help their own get to the top before they help another race. A non-black person starts a Kickstarter for a business and can double, triple their goal. A black person starts a Kickstarter and can’t event reach 1% of their goal. I have seen a kickstarter for a guy who wanted to know what it felt like to be a millionaire. Guess what, with some big donors he mad his goal! I’ve seen Kickstarters for black owned natural hair brands (that people have raved about) needing help to stay afloat and have made less than 1% of their $5000 goal… What the hell is wrong with us!!!

Did you know research by L’Oreal shows that Black women in the UK & European spend 6-8 times more on beauty than any other ethnic group. I think I have read in the past (an Essence Research piece?) the figure is similar in the US. We make up 3-5% of the western population yet contribution 80% to the haircare (including weaves, wigs) industry in the western word and own shit!

If anyone says anything about not wanting to segregate or separate, I am block you (not really)… However, WAKE THE FUCK UP! If you live in a western country, know they have already segregated YOU. YOU as a black person have zero power to segregate any race in the western country. CEOs of these big companies laugh at us… Although I have never done it, women will spend £1000+ on bundles for a weave but don’t own a car, don’t own their homes, don’t own businesses that sell products we consume. I was still rocking the £30 a pack “Premium too, now & plus” when Brazilian weave was hot. Heck, I wanted to look cute too, but I am not a fool. I would NEVER spend more than a tenner on hair again. I would rather spend my money on books or financially invest in my long term wellbeing in other ways. Non-blacks own all our black hair shops, they own all the food shops that sell OUR traditional ethnic food ingredients. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS IS A PROLEM? We go to work every day for non-blacks,  spend all our money we just made with non-blacks. Money made by blacks doesn’t even stay in our community longer than 1 day. 

  • Hi Wunmi,

    This is a brilliant piece, completely agree with you that everyone needs to wake up and start understanding that where we spend the Black coin is extremely important. We will never have any true economic or political power in this world if we don’t start to take control of where we spend our money, how we spend our money and ensuring that we build businesses that benefit and build our community.


  • Ava Monroe

    I smell a smelly pig when I look at his picture also I hear what sounds like a piggy bank being broken cause Revlon needs money cause I will never ever buy their products as long s old Mr. Piggy is CEO at Revlon if this is true, cause I know how you guys lie to create mess